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Halloween is at all times such a fun time of the year. As a child I counted the days upto October 31st . Halloween always promised a night of fun with friends that included an incredible costume (at least I thought so) and loads of candy.

HALLOWEEN DO'S & DON'TS... SEASONAL COSTUMES IDEAS! Here are some great tips for your next Halloween venture.
1) Don't feel compelled to buy the matching costume shoes. They can be costly and again can be very uncomfortable. In truth costume shoes are infrequently seen and won't be used again. Save your money and look good with sneakers.

2) Practice safety first! Bring a reflective tape. Reflective tape can be lay on the back of a child's costume. Even supervised groups of children can linger into local streets during chief trick-or-treating hours.Following these safety tips can help attentive motorists to the presence of small children.

3) Make sure costumes are large enough for an below layer. The reality is that the DC Metro area can be icy by October 31st.Depending on the weather, you may want to layer a warm shirt, turtleneck, or pants bottom.Most kids would rather have an below layer than to put a coat on over fairy wings, superhero capes or the like.

4) Think about costume trade off. Find a friend, neighbor or make a post on your local mom's group forum and find out about trade off. Costumes are usually worn once or twice. Why not save some money and operate. One other money saving tip, if you are relaxed waiting until the second week of October, costumes often go on sale. Pottery Barn is tarnished for last minute markdowns.

5) Before whisking away their loot, let children glory in their prize by counting, sorting, or even trading their loot with friends. Once all the candy is widen out its also a good time for you to make sure none of the wrappers are opened and that there are no suspicious or unsafe treats. After your child has pulled out a few favorites to savor, pack it up and save the rest for later.

6) Lastly, all of the costume images came from I just bought my petite girl her Snow White costume.Her pick, not mine! Halloweenfantasy had it for half the price of the local stores. Halloweenfantasy has great deals and wonderful customer feedback.


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