Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Menswear: Shoes Every Man Should Own

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As well as ladies are engrossed in what to wear when it comes to shoes, men also deserve to know which are the men shoes trends 2012 for this spring/summer season. For all the fashion enthusiasts and trend followers, the men shoes 2012 trends for this summer have gathered here to offer you a panoramic view on the shoes 2012 trends and which are the best choices regarding footwear.

But as men’s fashion is relentlessly evolving – and faster than ever mind you – shoes are going right along with that. Designer details, buckles, fabrications, colors and style varieties have become much more accessible to the everyday shoppers.

So are you warming up to them or what??

So with all this in mind. Let’s get you at least covered on the staples, and then we will go into shoe trends for the more daring. Here’s a checklist of shoe staples you must own right now. And lucky for most of you, the shoes listed are currently in your closet. So match to this list and fill in the style spaces.

· Black loafer, slide on or tie up. No major round toes or overly bulky square toes. You also don’t have to have pointy square European – just find something in the middle.

· Tan Spectators. Find them in solid tan, not two toned like the spectators of yore. These are going to update all of your fall outfits as you will pair the tan with your Navy suits, grey suits and dark wash denim for a new and updated style.

· Cool Kicks. Something cool and casual but not clunky. And you know what I mean by that. Shoes, like clothing, have become slimmer in fit and you want to make sure you stick to that ideal with shoes as well. So cool Converse, Nike, or even Creative Recreation. Think cool sporty.

· A short boot. Don’t worry, I’m not saying go get a Beatles style bootie. Go get a short ankle boot that has a subtle biker-style buckle detail. It will be great for winter and fit under your denim. Or find a lace-up boot and go with messy tucked in denim and loose open laces for a more rugged look. Black and brown both work for this.


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